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Sand dune symbolizing the sustainable sand technology in Alternō's innovative batteries.

Empowering a world accelerating towards
net zero emissions


We’re Changing the Way the World Store Renewable Energies

Alternō is dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions that significantly reduce carbon emissions in the sectors of agriculture, industry, and residential heating.
Vision of a sustainable future powered by eco-friendly Alternō technology.
Vision of a sustainable future powered by eco-friendly Alternō technology.


Our Focus Areas

We channel our innovations across agriculture, industry, and residential sectors, shaping the future of sustainable energy and redefining the boundaries of efficiency and environmental responsibility with each solution deployed.


Agriculture Heat

Explore how agricultural enterprises harness Alternō technology to slash operational costs and eradicate carbon emissions. Our unique approach not only bolsters the green credentials of businesses but also propels them towards a zero-emission future. Dive into success stories and see how choosing Alternō translates to tangible environmental and economic benefits.

Highlight of the agricultural industry being transformed by Alternō's world-first sustainable thermal battery system.


Industrial Heat

Explore how industries are transforming with Alternō's thermal storage technology. By significantly cutting energy costs and slashing carbon emissions, we're setting new standards for eco-efficiency in sectors from manufacturing to biotech. See the difference sustainable thermal solutions can make, helping businesses tackle climate change head-on.

Showcasing the expansion of Alternō's technology into the industrial heating sector for sustainable operations.


Residential Heating

Discover how Alternō revolutionizes residential heating, blending cost savings with carbon reduction. Our thermal battery technology ensures a comfortable, eco-friendly home environment. Experience a future where sustainable heating is not just possible but practical, marking a step forward in green living.

ntroduction to Alternō's venture into residential heating, bringing eco-friendly warmth to homes.


Plug-and-Play and Bespoke, Engineered for Efficiency

Alternō specializes in delivering plug-and-play thermal energy storage systems for rapid implementation, alongside bespoke solutions for expansive projects. Our expertise lies in creating scalable, sustainable energy solutions that cater precisely to your operational demands. .

Innovative Financing for Your Energy Solutions


Upfront Investment Option

Embrace cutting-edge thermal energy solutions with a straightforward one-time payment. This option simplifies the process, allowing you to quickly implement and benefit from our technology with a single investment.


Deferred Payment Program

Our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme eases the initial financial burden, offering the flexibility to spread out the cost of your energy solution. It's designed for businesses that seek immediate adoption of sustainable technology without upfront capital constraints.


Heat-as-a-Service (HaaS)

With no upfront payment required, our Heat-as-a-Service model represents the ultimate in financial flexibility. This pay-as-you-go approach aligns costs directly with usage, ensuring you only pay for the thermal energy you consume. Ideal for organizations prioritizing cash flow and operational expenditures over capital investments.

Latest Projects

Ecovi farm, the first adopter of Alternō Air 1, showcasing sustainable agricultural practices.


Ecovi Farm & Village

Dotea's tea plantation utilizing Alternō Greenhouse for eco-conscious tea drying.



Lộc Trời group leveraging Alternō Pro for sustainable rice drying, leading the way in agricultural innovation.


Lộc Trời Group

Sucden Group, enhancing coffee production with Alternō Pro's sustainable energy solutions.


Sucden Group

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