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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

At Alternō, we're redefining energy solutions with our pioneering thermal battery technology. Our mission: to deliver sustainable, efficient energy storage and heating solutions that pave the way for a zero-emission future.

Team Alternō with clients, driving innovation in thermal energy storage.

Our Journey

Alternō's origin story is a testament to innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for a sustainable future. Co-founders Hai Ho, Kent Nguyen, and Nam Nguyen, each bringing a rich tapestry of experiences in engineering, software development, and environmental sustainability, crossed paths in a serendipitous meeting that would lay the foundation for Alternō. Our collective journey began amidst a global backdrop of increasing environmental challenges and a pressing need for renewable energy solutions.

Before the inception of Alternō, Hai and Kent had already embarked on a sustainable travel project, planting the seeds for their future collaboration. As Hai tackled the challenges of living off-grid and the limitations of existing battery technologies, Kent was immersing himself in the world of energy storage solutions. Their mutual recognition of the urgent need for innovative, sustainable energy storage was the catalyst for Alternō's birth. The turning point came with a gasoline crisis in Saigon in November 2022, underscoring the vulnerability of our current energy systems and galvanizing the trio to accelerate their efforts.​

3 co-founders of Alternō at Antler
3 co-founders of Alternō at Antler

What We Value

At the core of Alternō's ethos are innovation, sustainability, and the unwavering belief in the power of technology to catalyze positive environmental change. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges facing our planet and the conviction that we can offer tangible solutions. We are driven by the urgency of climate change and the global imperative for renewable energy sources that can replace fossil fuels and reduce humanity's carbon footprint.
Our rapid transition from concept to commercialization sets us apart in the energy sector. This agility reflects our broader philosophy: to act decisively and innovatively in the face of environmental challenges. We prioritize real-world applications and customer-centric solutions, ensuring that our technology not only addresses pressing energy needs but also empowers communities, industries, and economies to transition towards a more sustainable future.

Behind-the-scenes at Alternō: Where technology meets sustainability to shape the future."

Co-founder & CEO

Kent Nguyen

A technologist and serial entrepreneur, now based in Vietnam after spending 16 years in Singapore. From 2007 to date, Kent have cofounded several tech-startups, had a few exits, notably Grab’s acqui-hire.

Co-founder & CTO

Nam Nguyen

A decade of experience in robotics, automation control, and the Internet of Things (IoT). During his career he helped design and produce 180M+ smart devices.

Co-founder & CCO

Hai Ho

Serial entrepreneur dedicated to sustainable development across travel, blockchain, and climate tech. Recognized in major media like WSJ, CNN, Forbes, Nikkei Asia.

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